Affiliated Researchers

 Olimpija Hristova is MA Political Science candidate at the Central European University in Budapest. and pursuing a specialisation in Comparative Politics. She is currently working on her MA thesis dealing with decentralization and interethnic cooperation while comparing multiethnic municipalities in Macedonia. She has obtained BA in Political Studies from the Faculty of Law “Justinianus Primus”- Skopje, and a year of exchange at the University of Washington- Seattle studying international relations. Her main research interests are institutional design, power-sharing, decentralization reforms, local governance and qualitative comparative analysis.

 Andrea L. P. Pirro is a doctoral researcher at the Centre for the Study of Political Change (CIRCaP), University of Siena. His research project focuses on the emergence and electoral performance of alleged populist radical right parties in Central and Eastern Europe. His research interests include radical right parties and politics, populism, social and political change in Europe, parties and party systems, comparative politics, and methodology for the Social Sciences. He has a number of forthcoming contributions in peer-reviewed journals (such as Government and Opposition) and edited volumes.