DISC Seminar Series: Between Futungo and the Constitution. Considerations on Angola’s Political System

November 11, 2010 - 15:30 - 17:10
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
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José Reis Santos
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Carsten Q. Schneider

José Reis Santos is a PhD Researcher at the Contemporary History Institute, Social and Human Sciences Faculty of the New University of Lisbon. 

He has developed academic work in the area of Contemporary History and Political Science, publishing in the fields of History of Ideas, Portuguese Transitional process, Elections in Portuguese New State, Elite Studies and Regime analysis.

Currently is developing his PhD research about Authoritarian Elections in the Fascist Era and is a Guest Research Fellow in CEU’s History Department.



This paper intends to present an analysis on the institutional and political history of Angola, following its different constitutional frameworks as the country arise from its independence in the mid 70’s, passed trough a (failed) democratic process in early 90’s, experienced some institutional problems after and finally promoted an important constitutional revision in 2010.

We developed our analysis trough a political science perspective, using the literature on Semi-presidentialism to test the Angolan regime and to identify its democratic and institutional deficiencies. In this sense this paper intend to contribute not only to a better understanding of Angola’s Regime in particular and to African Regimes in general, but as well to follow and identify some of the institutional and democratic imperfections that are still main features in this kind of semi-democratic States.