Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem): Global Standards, Local Knowledge

February 20, 2013 - 17:30 - 19:10
Nador u. 13
Room 001
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Prof. Staffan Lindberg:
Prof. Staffan Lindberg



The study of democracy and democratization lies at the center of political science and is increasingly important in economics, sociology, and history. In the post-Cold War world, democracy has also become a central foreign policy objective. Yet, there is little conclusive evidence about why some countries become and remain democratic and others do not. The Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Research Program sets out to provide the first comprehensive theory of democratization, that also accounts for the multiple core principles and values in the varieties of democracy in the world today.: electoral, liberal, majoritarian, consensual, participatory, deliberative, and egalitarian democracy. V-Dem also breaks down each core principle index into its constituent components, about 50 of them measured separately. Each component is comprised of several carefully chosen indicators, a total of 329 , measuring the quality of democracy across core institutions of democracies including elections, civil liberties, the judiciary, the executive, the legislature, political parties, gender, media, and civil society. The V-Dem Database will contain data on these for all countries of the world, annually from 1900 to the present including pre-independence eras. Being the first to use this unique database and by bringing together a research team consisting of leading democratization-scholars in the world, each with their unique set of expertise and area-competence, we aim to provide cutting-edge, systematic and theoretically revolutionizing examination of democratization. This research program is a collaboration between leading scholars from the Universities of Gothenburg, Lund, Stockholm, Notre Dame, Boston, Aarhus, Florida, Emory, Harvard, Berkeley, Michigan, Oslo, Case Western, Colorado, and the Catholic University of Chile, as well as cholars from 24 regional universities across the world.

Short Bio of Prof. Staffan Lindberg:

Associate Professor at the Dept. of Political Science, University of Gothenburg and University of Florida. He is also Research Fellow at the Quality of Government Institute and Senior Adviser to the International Law and Policy Institute. Staffan I. Lindberg obtained his Ph.D. (2005) from Lund University, Sweden. His dissertation won the American Political Science Association's Juan Linz Award for best dissertation 2005. He has published articles among others in Politics, Political Science Quarterly, Electoral Studies, Studies in International Comparative Development and Journal of Democracy.